Employee Motivation: Online Certificate Program

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This program is a great fit for:

Individuals wishing to grow their career

New leaders or managers

Employees who wish to upskill

In today's dynamic work environment, motivating employees is a crucial aspect of effective leadership and management. Unlock the secrets to boosting employee motivation with this program designed to equip leaders and aspiring managers with the skills and knowledge to inspire and produce great results.

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Course length

64 hours

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Weekly time commitment

4 hours

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Whether you're an experienced leader seeking to motivate your team or an emerging leader interested in understanding how to drive better motivation in an organization, this program offers the insights and tools you need for success by diving into four key areas of employee motivation:

  • Creating Leadership: Understand the social process of leadership and learn how to generate Direction, Alignment, and Commitment (DAC) in your team or organization. Discover what collaborative leadership means and when it's most effective.
  • Burn Bright: The Resilience Advantage: Learn the importance of resilience and energy in effective leadership and explore techniques to recharge and build resilience for both personal and team effectiveness.
  • Managing Virtual and Hybrid Teams: Develop the mindset, skill set, and tool kit to lead virtual and hybrid teams with greater effectiveness and create a sense of 'team' virtually, even when forming or joining a new team.
  • Better Conversations Every Day: Cultivate a feedback culture where candid conversations are encouraged and master the skills of deeper conversation at work and beyond, fostering trust, psychological safety, collaboration, and emotional intelligence.

Why Choose Siena Heights University?

Siena Heights University’s Workforce Development certificate programs were built to meet the needs of modern-day students. You can start learning as soon as today and be on the path to a fulfilling new career in just a few weeks or months.

Online and self-paced coursework

Affordable tuition

Fulfilling, flexible job opportunities

Industry-leading credentials

Clinicals included (if necessary)

Certificates matched to industry demands

Highly engaged and inspired teams produce, on average, 21% more profitability across all industries.

Source: Forbes

Is this Employee Motivation Certificate Program right for me? 

  • Are you an aspiring leader looking to enhance your leadership skills?  
  • Are you a new manager seeking to excel in your management role?  
  • Are you interested in developing self-awareness and understanding your leadership style?  
  • Do you want to improve your ability to adapt to new situations and learn from experiences?  
  • Are you eager to enhance your communication skills to become a more effective communicator? Do you wish to gain insights into various influencing styles and when to apply them?  
  • Are you looking for practical, real-world advice and examples to boost your success as a manager? 

Career Paths

Team Leader
Department Manager
Project Manager
Assitant Manager
Operations Manager
Sales Manager
Customer Service Manager