Leadership and Influence: Online Certificate Program

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This program is a great fit for:

Individuals wishing to grow their career

New leaders or managers

Employees who wish to upskill

Unleash your leadership potential and master the art of influence with our comprehensive online program. Leadership is about more than just holding a title; it's a dynamic social process that enables collective results. This program focuses on the core competencies that leaders must master for success now and in the future.

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Course length

104 hours

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Weekly time commitment

4 hours

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This program is suitable for current leaders and aspiring leaders who want to enhance their leadership and influence skills. Whether you're a seasoned manager or an individual contributor looking to transition into a leadership role, this program has the tools you need to excel. The core coursework for this program includes:

  • Fundamental Four: Delve into the four fundamental competencies that leaders need to succeed: self-awareness, adaptability, communication skills, and the ability to recognize and apply different influencing styles.
  • Creating Leadership: Understand the collaborative nature of leadership and how it generates Direction, Alignment, and Commitment (DAC) in a group and discover when collaborative leadership is most effective for creating shared direction and alignment.
  • Boost for New Leaders: This course is packed with actionable advice for new and seasoned managers to help develop the mindset, skill set, and tactics needed for immediate success in any role.
  • Innovation Leadership: Explore the world of innovation and learn how to create a culture of innovation within your organization using the Targeted Innovation™ process, including phases such as Clarify, Ideate, Develop, and Implement.

Why Choose Siena Heights University?

Siena Heights University’s Workforce Development certificate programs were built to meet the needs of modern-day students. You can start learning as soon as today and be on the path to a fulfilling new career in just a few weeks or months.

Online and self-paced coursework

Affordable tuition

Fulfilling, flexible job opportunities

Industry-leading credentials

Clinicals included (if necessary)

Certificates matched to industry demands

A 2023 study found that 77% of organizations report a leadership skills gap somewhere in their company. This contributes to a lack of employee engagement, which has steadily grown in the last few years.

Source: Forbes

Is this Leadership and Influence Certificate Program right for me? 

  • Are you looking to enhance your leadership and influence skills to become a more effective leader?  
  • Do you want to develop self-awareness, adaptability, and effective communication skills to succeed in your leadership role?  
  • Are you a new manager seeking the mindset, skill set, and tactics for immediate success in your management position?  
  • Do you aspire to foster a culture of innovation within your team or organization?  
  • Are you committed to understanding collaborative leadership and how to create shared direction and alignment in your team?  
  • Are you dedicated to your personal and professional growth, ready to enhance your leadership and influence capabilities? 

Career Paths

Team Leader
Management Consultant
HR Manager
Leadership Coach
Innovation Specialist
ORganizational Development Consultant
Project Manager